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Wondering if that old trusty rusty that you’ve dug out of the shed is still rideable? Bring it in for a WOF and we’ll investigate and then let you know what’s needed to get you rolling again.

If you decide to go ahead with service or repairs to the value of a standard service, we will credit your WOF towards the final cost.


(1 hour and 30 minutes)
NZD 39.00

New bike tune-up and check

All new bikes, e-bikes and electric retrofits purchased at Good Rotations include 6 months of complimentary tune-ups.

A complimentary tune-up is recommended at least once within your first 6 months, between 200-400 kms. Book-in your tune-up to get your bike back end of the same day (barring any unforeseen issues).

Complimentary tune-ups cover adjustments but do not include parts or part installation.


(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Standard Service

Please allow up to 4 hours for completion. More time may be required if a Please allow up to 4 hours from time of drop-off for completion. More time may be required if a problem is identified.

Our Standard Service is $65 for a regular bicycle, $99 for an electric bicycle. We recommend a Standard Service be performed a minimum of once a year, and twice per year for more frequent riders, to keep your ride in tip-top shape and reduce the costs of maintenance in the long-run.

A Standard Service includes:

  • WOF Check
  • Gear tune
  • Brake tune
  • Basic wheel true
  • Wheel bearing tune
  • Clean frame
  • Bolt check
  • Advise of faults, quote for repairs

Standard Services cover adjustments and labour but do not include parts.


(1 hour and 30 minutes)
NZD 65.00

Tune Up

Have you had a Standard Service with us within the last 6 months?

Your bike may only need some minor adjustments and tweaks. Our Tune-Up is perfect for those that like to be proactive with maintenance rather than waiting until things go crunch just when they shouldn’t!


(2 hours and 15 minutes)
NZD 49.00

Full Service

Please allow up to 4 hours for completion. More time may be required if a problem is identified.

Our Full tune-up is $149 for a standard bicycle, $179 for an electric bicycle.

The Full Service is meant to be performed once per year for daily commuters or serious recreational riders. Beyond a basic tune-up, the most important difference is a full cleaning and lubrication of the main components on your bicycle to ensure that they keep on functioning at their best. We also perform a full wheel true to keep you running straight! Installation of any new parts is included. Cables & housing installation is 50% off.

A Full tune-up includes all the basic tune-up features, PLUS:

  • Full drive chain clean
  • True wheels
  • Lubricate cables
  • Regrease headset
  • Regrease bottom bracket
  • Regrease hubs
  • Perform any e-bike software updates
One Full Tune-Up per year is included with a Comprehensive Service Membership.

Full services cover adjustments and labour but do not include parts.


(6 hours)
NZD 149.00

E-bike software update (FREE)

All e-bikes purchased from us include free software updates and/or error check using our diagnostic software. Please allow up to 2 hours for completion.

This service is only applicable to e-bikes that have been purchased at Good Rotations.


(2 hours and 15 minutes)

Other repair or requirement

Our basic hourly workshop rate is $60/hour for actual time the bike is being worked on – our minimum fee if the bike goes on the stand is $15.

The final cost of a repair will depend on whether any parts are required and how much labour is involved.

We offer quality branded parts for repair work. Parts are not included in the workshop labour cost.

From $15

(45 minutes)
NZD 15.00

Lekkie Motor Fitting (internal booking)

Standard Lekkie Motor Fitting.

(for internal booking use only)

(45 minutes)
NZD 180.00